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Michigan Tax Hike Tracker

Created by Mackinac Center Action & Americans for Tax Reform

This report shows how your state legislators are voting on tax increases. Includes all votes from January 1, 2023 to the present. The creators are Mackinac Center Action and Americans for Tax Reform.


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Percent of Dollars Supported
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anySelectedTax Hike Revenue SupportedTax Hike Revenue OpposedY
100.0%Andrews, Joey  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Arbit, Noah  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Brabec, Felicia  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Breen, Kelly  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Brixie, Julie  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Byrnes, Erin  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Carter, Brenda  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Carter, Tyrone  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Churches, Jaime  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Coffia, Betsy  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Coleman, Kevin  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Conlin, Jennifer  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Dievendorf, Emily  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Edwards, Kimberly L.  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Farhat, Alabas  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Fitzgerald, John  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Glanville, Carol  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Grant, Kristian  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Haadsma, Jim  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Hill, Jenn  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Hood, Rachel  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Hope, Kara  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Hoskins, Jason  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Koleszar, Matt  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Liberati, Tullio  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%MacDonell, Sharon  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Martus, Jasper R  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%McFall, Mike  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%McKinney, Donavan  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Mentzer, Denise  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Miller, Reggie  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Morgan, Jason  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Morse, Christine  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Mueller, Mike  (term)R $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Neeley, Cynthia R  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%O'Neal, Amos  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Paiz, Veronica  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Pohutsky, Laurie  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Price, Natalie  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Puri, Ranjeev  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Rheingans, Carrie  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Rogers, Julie  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Scott, Helena  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Shannon, Nate  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Skaggs, Phil  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Snyder, Will  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Steckloff, Samantha  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Stone, Lori  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Tate, Joe  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Tsernoglou, Penelope  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Weiss, Regina  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Whitsett, Karen  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Wilson, Jimmie, Jr  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Witwer, Angela  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
100.0%Young, Stephanie  (term)D $721,600,000$0$721.6M 
–  Bruck, William  (term)R –  –  X
0.0%Alexander , Gregory  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Aragona, Joseph  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Beeler, Andrew  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%BeGole, Brian  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Beson, Timothy  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Bezotte, Robert  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Bierlein, Matt  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Bollin, Ann  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Borton, Ken  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Carra, Steve  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Cavitt, Cameron  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%De Boer, Nancy  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%DeBoyer, Jay  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%DeSana, James  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Filler, Graham  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Fink, Andrew  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Fox, Joseph  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Friske, Neil  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Green, Phil  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Greene, Jaime  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Hall, Matt  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Harris, Mike  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Hoadley, Mike  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Johnsen, Gina  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Kuhn, Thomas  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Kunse, Tom  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Lightner, Sarah  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Maddock, Matt  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Markkanen, Greg  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Martin, David  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Meerman, Luke  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Neyer, Jerry  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Outman, Pat  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Paquette, Brad  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Posthumus, Bryan  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Prestin, David  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Rigas, Angela  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Roth, John  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Schmaltz, Kathy  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Schriver, Josh  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Schuette, Bill G  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Slagh, Bradley  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Smit, Rachelle  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%St. Germaine, Alicia  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Steele, Donni  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Thompson, Jamie  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Tisdel, Mark  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Van Woerkom, Greg  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%VanderWall, Curt  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Wegela, Dylan  (term)D $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Wendzel, Pauline  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Wozniak, Doug  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 
0.0%Zorn, Dale W.  (term)R $0$721,600,000$721.6M 

Legend:  Supported $M,  Opposed $M,  
F Chamber failed to hold vote,  E Excused,  X Not Voting,  
? Ideal Vote not set,   No vote in this chamber or legislative session


Column Descriptions

$721,600,000 - Value in Dollars
House Bill 4001: Backdated Maneuver to Cancel Tax Reduction
Five-month backdated appropriation to new rebate-check fund to evade trigger for automatic reduction of personal income tax rate from 4.25% to 4.05%.
   • House Roll Call 13 on February 9, 2023.

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