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Do Republicans Ever Vote No?

Created by LibertyWarrior

Republicans control both chambers of the legislature. They pass good legislation and bad. All of it is passed with the blessing of leadership (Speaker and Senate Majority Leader). This scorecard answers a simple question: Who votes no? For Republicans, who votes against leadership, and who does not? This isn't a test of policy; it's a test of how committed to policy Republicans are at all. If they have never once voted against leadership, what does that say?

DISCLAIMER: This report was prepared by a user of the site. The site is not responsible for the scores, nor the preferred vote.


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Ideal House Vote >
50%Albert, Thomas  (term)R ×
50%Allor, Sue  (term)R ×
50%Beson, Timothy  (term)R ×
50%Bolden, Kyra  (term)D ×
50%Bollin, Ann  (term)R ×
50%Brabec, Felicia  (term)D ×
50%Brann, Tommy  (term)R ×
50%Calley, Julie  (term)R ×
50%Carra, Steve  (term)R ×
50%Carter, Brenda  (term)D ×
50%Carter, Tyrone  (term)D ×
50%Cavanagh, Mary  (term)D ×
50%Cherry, John  (term)D ×
50%Clemente, Cara  (term)D ×
50%Damoose, John  (term)R ×
50%Frederick, Ben  (term)R ×
50%Green, Phil  (term)R ×
50%Haadsma, Jim  (term)D ×
50%Hall, Matt  (term)R ×
50%Hammoud, Abdullah  (term)D ×
50%Hope, Kara  (term)D ×
50%Howell, Gary  (term)R ×
50%Huizenga, Mark  (term)R ×
50%Johnson, Steven  (term)R ×
50%Kahle, Bronna  (term)R ×
50%Koleszar, Matt  (term)D ×
50%Kuppa, Padma  (term)D ×
50%Lightner, Sarah  (term)R ×
50%Manoogian, Mari  (term)D ×
50%Martin, David  (term)R ×
50%Meerman, Luke  (term)R ×
50%Morse, Christine  (term)D ×
50%Mueller, Mike  (term)R ×
50%O'Neal, Amos  (term)D ×
50%Pohutsky, Laurie  (term)D ×
50%Puri, Ranjeev  (term)D ×
50%Reilly, John  (term)R ×
50%Rogers, Julie  (term)D ×
50%Roth, John  (term)R ×
50%Schroeder, Andrea  (term)R ×
50%Scott, Helena  (term)D ×
50%Shannon, Nate  (term)D ×
50%Sneller, Tim  (term)D ×
50%Sowerby, William  (term)D ×
50%Stone, Lori  (term)D ×
50%Van Woerkom, Greg  (term)R ×
50%Weiss, Regina  (term)D ×
50%Yancey, Tenisha  (term)D ×
50%Young, Stephanie  (term)D ×
0%Alexander, Julie  (term)R ××
0%Anthony, Sarah  (term)D ××
0%Beeler, Andrew  (term)R ××
0%Bellino, Joseph, Jr.  (term)R ××
0%Berman, Ryan  (term)R ××
0%Bezotte, Robert  (term)R ××
0%Borton, Ken  (term)R ××
0%Breen, Kelly  (term)D ××
0%Brixie, Julie  (term)D ××
0%Cambensy, Sara  (term)D ××
0%Camilleri, Darrin  (term)D ××
0%Clements, TC  (term)R ××
0%Coleman, Kevin  (term)D ××
0%Eisen, Gary  (term)R ××
0%Ellison, Jim  (term)D ××
0%Farrington, Diana  (term)R ××
0%Filler, Graham  (term)R ××
0%Fink, Andrew  (term)R ××
0%Garza, Alex  (term)D ××
0%Glenn, Annette  (term)R ××
0%Griffin, Beth  (term)R ××
0%Hauck, Roger  (term)R ××
0%Hertel, Kevin  (term)D ××
0%Hoitenga, Michele  (term)R ××
0%Hood, Rachel  (term)D ××
0%Hornberger, Pamela  (term)R ××
0%Johnson, Cynthia  (term)D ××
0%Jones, Jewell  (term)D ××
0%LaFave, Beau  (term)R ××
0%LaGrand, David  (term)D ××
0%Lasinski, Donna  (term)D ××
0%Liberati, Tullio  (term)D ××
0%Lilly, Jim  (term)R ××
0%Maddock, Matt  (term)R ××
0%Marino, Steve  (term)R ××
0%Markkanen, Greg  (term)R ××
0%Neeley, Cynthia R  (term)D ××
0%O'Malley, Jack  (term)R ××
0%Outman, Pat  (term)R ××
0%Paquette, Brad  (term)R ××
0%Peterson, Ronnie  (term)D ××
0%Posthumus, Bryan  (term)R ××
0%Rabhi, Yousef  (term)D ××
0%Rendon, Daire  (term)R ××
0%Sabo, Terry  (term)D ××
0%Slagh, Bradley  (term)R ××
0%Steckloff, Samantha  (term)D ××
0%Steenland, Richard  (term)D ××
0%Tate, Joe  (term)D ××
0%Thanedar, Shri  (term)D ××
0%Tisdel, Mark  (term)R ××
0%VanSingel, Scott  (term)R ××
0%Wakeman, Rodney  (term)R ××
0%Wendzel, Pauline  (term)R ××
0%Wentworth, Jason  (term)R ××
0%Whiteford, Mary  (term)R ××
0%Whitsett, Karen  (term)D ××
0%Witwer, Angela  (term)D ××
0%Wozniak, Doug  (term)R ××
0%Yaroch, Jeff  (term)R ××

Legend:   Correct,  × Incorrect,  F Chamber failed to hold vote,  E Excused,  X Not Voting,  ? Ideal Vote not set,   No vote in this chamber


Column Descriptions

House Bill 4115: SPLIT on booze
Controversial within both parties. Democrats went 23-27 against; Republicans went 38-20. This scorecard is not about policy; it's about identifying which Republicans never break with leadership.
   • House Roll Call 55 on March 18, 2021.

House Bill 4171: Few dissenters vote
Bill passed 106-3, dissenters all Republican.
   • House Roll Call 50 on March 17, 2021.


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DISCLAIMER: This report was prepared by a user of the site. The site is not responsible for the scores, nor the preferred vote.