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Sham: Sales tax on internet and catalog purchases

Created by sham

Any politician who voted for this scam does not work for the citizens of Michigan and I and my family and friends will be notified of this beach of office.

DISCLAIMER: This report was prepared by a user of the site. The site is not responsible for the scores, nor the preferred vote.


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100%Amos, Fran  (term)R
100%Bisbee, Clark  (term)R
100%Bradstreet, Ken  (term)R
100%Brandenburg, Jack  (term)R
100%Drolet, Leon  (term)R
100%Garfield, John  (term)R
100%Hoogendyk, Jacob, Jr.  (term)R
100%Hummel, Scott  (term)R
100%Hune, Joe  (term)R
100%Johnson, Ruth  (term)R
100%Kooiman, Jerry  (term)R
100%Milosch, Matt  (term)R
100%Nofs, Mike  (term)R
100%Palmer, Brian  (term)R
100%Pastor, John  (term)R
100%Robertson, David  (term)R
100%Rocca, Sal  (term)R
100%Sheen, Fulton  (term)R
100%Stahl, John  (term)R
100%Stakoe, John  (term)R
100%Van Regenmorter, William  (term)R
100%Voorhees, Joanne  (term)R
100%Ward, Chris  (term)R
100%Woodward, David  (term)D
100%Woronchak, Gary  (term)R
0%Accavitti, Frank, Jr.  (term)D ×
0%Adamini, Stephen  (term)D ×
0%Anderson, Glenn  (term)D ×
0%Bieda, Steve  (term)D ×
0%Brown, Rich  (term)D ×
0%Byrum, Dianne  (term)D ×
0%Casperson, Tom  (term)R ×
0%Caswell, Bruce  (term)R ×
0%Caul, Sandy  (term)R ×
0%Cheeks, Marsha  (term)D ×
0%Clack, Brenda  (term)D ×
0%Condino, Paul  (term)D ×
0%Daniels, Ken  (term)D ×
0%Dennis, Julie  (term)D ×
0%DeRoche, Craig  (term)R ×
0%DeRossett, Gene  (term)R ×
0%Ehardt, Stephen  (term)R ×
0%Elkins, Jennifer  (term)D ×
0%Emmons, Judy  (term)R ×
0%Farhat, David  (term)R ×
0%Farrah, Barbara  (term)D ×
0%Gaffney, Edward  (term)R ×
0%Gieleghem, Paul  (term)D ×
0%Gillard, Matthew  (term)D ×
0%Gleason, John  (term)D ×
0%Hager, Lauren  (term)R ×
0%Hardman, Artina Tinsley  (term)D ×
0%Hart, Doug  (term)R ×
0%Hood, Morris, III  (term)D ×
0%Hopgood, Hoon-Yung  (term)D ×
0%Howell, Jim  (term)R ×
0%Huizenga, Bill  (term)R ×
0%Hunter, Tupac  (term)D ×
0%Jamnick, RuthAnn  (term)D ×
0%Johnson, Rick  (term)R ×
0%Julian, Larry  (term)R ×
0%Koetje, James  (term)R ×
0%Kolb, Chris  (term)D ×
0%LaJoy, Philip  (term)R ×
0%LaSata, Charles  (term)R ×
0%Law, Kathleen  (term)D ×
0%Lipsey, Alexander  (term)D ×
0%McConico, Bill  (term)D ×
0%Meisner, Andy  (term)D ×
0%Meyer, Tom  (term)R ×
0%Middaugh, MaryAnn  (term)R ×
0%Minore, Jack  (term)D ×
0%Moolenaar, John  (term)R ×
0%Mortimer, Mickey  (term)R ×
0%Murphy, Michael  (term)D ×
0%Newell, Gary  (term)R ×
0%Nitz, Neal  (term)R ×
0%O'Neil, William  (term)D ×
0%Palsrok, David  (term)R ×
0%Pappageorge, John  (term)R ×
0%Phillips, Clarence  (term)D ×
0%Plakas, Jim  (term)D ×
0%Pumford, Mike  (term)R ×
0%Reeves, Triette  (term)D ×
0%Richardville, Randy  (term)R ×
0%Rivet, Joseph  (term)D ×
0%Sak, Michael  (term)D ×
0%Shackleton, Scott  (term)R ×
0%Shaffer, Rick  (term)R ×
0%Sheltrown, Dale  (term)D ×
0%Shulman, Marc  (term)R ×
0%Smith, Virgil  (term)D ×
0%Spade, Doug  (term)D ×
0%Stallworth, Alma  (term)D ×
0%Steil, Glenn, Jr.  (term)R ×
0%Stewart, John  (term)R ×
0%Tabor, Susan  (term)R ×
0%Taub, Shelley Goodman  (term)R ×
0%Tobocman, Steve  (term)D ×
0%Vagnozzi, Aldo  (term)D ×
0%Vander Veen, Barb  (term)R ×
0%Walker, Howard  (term)R ×
0%Waters, Mary  (term)D ×
0%Wenke, Lorence  (term)R ×
0%Whitmer, Gretchen  (term)D ×
0%Williams, Carl  (term)D ×
0%Wojno, Lisa  (term)D ×
0%Zelenko, Paula  (term)D ×

Legend:   Correct,  × Incorrect,  F Chamber failed to hold vote,  E Excused,  X Not Voting,  ? Ideal Vote not set,   No vote in this chamber


Column Descriptions

House Bill 5504: Sales tax on internet and catalog purchases
to authorize the Department of Treasury to negotiate a multi-state agreement to create a centralized system for the collection of use or sales tax on purchases made by Michigan citizens from out-of-state merchants. This would apply to retail purchases made over the Internet or from catalogs. The bill is part of a "streamlined sales tax" package comprised of House Bills 5502 to 5505. Estimates of how much it would increase the amount of tax paid by citizens range from $30 million to $500 million a year
   • House Roll Call 383 on May 20, 2004.


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DISCLAIMER: This report was prepared by a user of the site. The site is not responsible for the scores, nor the preferred vote.