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2014 Senate Bill 841: Increase penalties, authorize property forfeiture for food stamp fraud
Introduced by Sen. Rick Jones R-Grand Ledge on March 4, 2014
To revise a law that bans having or using a false or doctored food stamp debit card (“bridge card”), reducing the threshold for criminal penalties from getting $250 worth of merchandise to $100, and increasing the penalty from 93 days in jail to one year, and potentially up to five years in prison, or 20 years if the value has exceeded $250,000. The bill also authorizes the seizure and forfeiture of the proceeds from this crime, and any property (including real estate) used to “facilitate” it.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 4, 2014
Reported in the Senate on May 8, 2014
With the recommendation that the bill pass.
Moved to reconsider by Sen. Arlan Meekhof R-West Olive on November 13, 2014
To reconsider the vote by which the bill was passed.
The motion passed by voice vote in the Senate on November 13, 2014
Received in the Senate on November 13, 2014
Received in the House on November 13, 2014
Referred to the House Criminal Justice Committee on November 13, 2014