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2013 House Bill 5081: Require law enforcement property seizure reports
Introduced by Rep. Tom McMillin R-Rochester Hills on October 16, 2013
To require law enforcement agencies to file detailed reports on their criminal asset seizures (which in many cases involve individuals charged with a crime but not convicted). The reports would have to include details about the alleged crime and pre-seizure investigations, whether the person was convicted, descriptions of the seized or forfeited assets, whether the property was returned if the person was not convicted, the disposition of the property including any fees charged to the owner, how the agency used money from the sale of the assets and more.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the House Criminal Justice Committee on October 16, 2013
Reported in the House on April 30, 2014
With the recommendation that the bill be referred to the Committee on Oversight.
Referred to the House Oversight Committee on April 30, 2014
Reported in the House on June 3, 2014
With the recommendation that the substitute (H-3) be adopted and that the bill then pass.