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2014 Senate Bill 1026: Restrict oil and gas wells in municipalities
Introduced by Sen. Jack Brandenburg R-Harrison Twp on August 13, 2014
To restrict gas or oil wells (including gas and oil “fracking” wells) in a municipality with more than 70,000 residents unless two local hearings are held and the Department of Environmental Quality determines the well there is no “reasonable alternative” location that will allow the drilling rights owner to extract the oil and gas. Reportedly an amendment may be considered to require local government approval for drilling.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the Senate Natural Resources, Environment & Great Lakes Committee on August 13, 2014
Amendment offered by Sen. Rebekah Warren D-Ann Arbor on December 11, 2014
To impose larger set-backs between residential buildings and oil and gas wells.
The amendment failed 14 to 23 in the Senate on December 11, 2014.
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To restrict gas or oil wells (including gas and oil “fracking” wells) in a county with more than 320,000 residents, and impose additional notice, disclosure, fencing, monitoring and other requirements on drilling operations.