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August 19, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

Created by FairShake

Relax licensure restrictions, Cap government “venture capital investment” program, Preempt local employer wage, benefit or labor law mandates, and more.

DISCLAIMER: This report was prepared by a user of the test.michiganvotes.org site. The test.michiganvotes.org site is not responsible for the scores, nor the preferred vote.


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100%Colbeck, Patrick  (term)R
100%Emmons, Judy  (term)R
100%Hune, Joe  (term)R
100%Pavlov, Phil  (term)R
100%Shirkey, Mike  (term)R
83%Booher, Darwin  (term)R ×
83%Hansen, Goeff  (term)R ×
83%Hildenbrand, Dave  (term)R ×
83%Horn, Kenneth  (term)R ×
83%Knollenberg, Marty  (term)R ×
83%Kowall, Mike  (term)R ×
83%MacGregor, Peter  (term)R ×
83%Marleau, Jim  (term)R ×
83%Meekhof, Arlan  (term)R ×
83%Proos, John  (term)R ×
83%Schmidt, Wayne  (term)R ×
83%Schuitmaker, Tonya  (term)R ×
83%Stamas, Jim  (term)R ×
67%Casperson, Tom  (term)R ××
67%Green, Michael  (term)R ××
67%Jones, Rick  (term)R ××
67%Nofs, Mike  (term)R ××
67%O'Brien, Margaret  (term)R ××
67%Robertson, David  (term)R ××
67%Zorn, Dale W.  (term)R ××
50%Rocca, Tory  (term)R ×××
33%Ananich, Jim  (term)D ××××
33%Bieda, Steve  (term)D ××××
33%Hood, Morris, III  (term)D ××××
33%Hopgood, Hoon-Yung  (term)D ××××
33%Johnson, Bert  (term)D ××××
33%Knezek, David  (term)D ××××
33%Warren, Rebekah  (term)D ××××
33%Young, Coleman, II  (term)D ××××
17%Gregory, Vincent  (term)D ×××××
17%Hertel, Curtis, Jr.  (term)D ×××××
17%Smith, Virgil  (term)D ×××××
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83%Barrett, Tom  (term)R ×
83%Bumstead, Jon  (term)R ×
83%Canfield, Edward  (term)R ×
83%Chatfield, Lee  (term)R ×
83%Cole, Triston  (term)R ×
83%Cotter, Kevin  (term)R ×
83%Cox, Laura  (term)R ×
83%Crawford, Kathy  (term)R ×
83%Farrington, Jeff  (term)R ×
83%Forlini, Anthony  (term)R ×
83%Franz, Ray  (term)R ×
83%Garcia, Daniela  (term)R ×
83%Glardon, Ben  (term)R ×
83%Glenn, Gary  (term)R ×
83%Goike, Ken  (term)R ×
83%Graves, Joseph  (term)R ×
83%Heise, Kurt  (term)R ×
83%Hooker, Thomas  (term)R ×
83%Hughes, Holly  (term)R ×
83%Iden, Brandt  (term)R ×
83%Inman, Larry  (term)R ×
83%Jacobsen, Bradford  (term)R ×
83%Jenkins, Nancy  (term)R ×
83%Johnson, Joel  (term)R ×
83%Kelly, Tim  (term)R ×
83%Kesto, Klint  (term)R ×
83%LaFontaine, Andrea  (term)R ×
83%Lauwers, Dan  (term)R ×
83%Leonard, Tom  (term)R ×
83%Leutheuser, Eric  (term)R ×
83%Lucido, Peter  (term)R ×
83%Lyons, Lisa  (term)R ×
83%Maturen, David  (term)R ×
83%McCready, Michael  (term)R ×
83%Miller, Aaron  (term)R ×
83%Nesbitt, Aric  (term)R ×
83%Outman, Rick  (term)R ×
83%Pettalia, Peter  (term)R ×
83%Poleski, Earl  (term)R ×
83%Price, Amanda  (term)R ×
83%Pscholka, Al  (term)R ×
83%Rendon, Bruce  (term)R ×
83%Roberts, Brett  (term)R ×
83%Runestad, Jim  (term)R ×
83%Sheppard, Jason  (term)R ×
83%Somerville, Patrick  (term)R ×
83%Tedder, Jim  (term)R ×
83%Theis, Lana  (term)R ×
83%Vaupel, Hank  (term)R ×
83%VerHeulen, Rob  (term)R ×
83%Victory, Roger  (term)R ×
83%Webber, Michael  (term)R ×
83%Yonker, Ken  (term)R ×
67%Bizon, John, Dr  (term)R ××
67%Callton, Mike  (term)R ××
67%Courser, Todd  (term)R ××
67%Gamrat, Cindy  (term)R ××
67%McBroom, Ed  (term)R ××
67%Pagel, David  (term)R ××
67%Potvin, Phil  (term)R ××
50%Brinks, Winnie  (term)D ×××
50%Brunner, Charles  (term)D ×××
50%Dillon, Brandon  (term)D ×××
50%Driskell, Gretchen  (term)D ×××
50%Greimel, Tim  (term)D ×××
50%Howrylak, Martin  (term)R ×××
50%Lane, Marilyn  (term)D ×××
50%LaVoy, Bill  (term)D ×××
50%Muxlow, Paul  (term)R ×××
33%Banks, Brian  (term)D ××××
33%Clemente, Paul D.  (term)D ××××
33%Dianda, Scott  (term)D ××××
33%Faris, Pam  (term)D ××××
33%Gay-Dagnogo, Sherry  (term)D ××××
33%Geiss, Erika  (term)D ××××
33%Kivela, John  (term)D ××××
33%Liberati, Frank  (term)D ××××
33%Miller, Derek  (term)D ××××
33%Robinson, Rose Mary  (term)D ××××
33%Yanez, Henry  (term)D ××××
17%Byrd, Wendell  (term)D ×××××
17%Chang, Stephanie  (term)D ×××××
17%Chirkun, John  (term)D ×××××
17%Cochran, Tom  (term)D ×××××
17%Darany, George T.  (term)D ×××××
17%Durhal, Fred, III  (term)D ×××××
17%Greig, Christine  (term)D ×××××
17%Guerra, Vanessa  (term)D ×××××
17%Hoadley, Jon  (term)D ×××××
17%Hovey-Wright, Marcia  (term)D ×××××
17%Irwin, Jeff  (term)D ×××××
17%Kosowski, Robert  (term)D ×××××
17%Moss, Jeremy  (term)D ×××××
17%Neeley, Sheldon  (term)D ×××××
17%Pagan, Kristy  (term)D ×××××
17%Phelps, Phil  (term)D ×××××
17%Plawecki, Julie  (term)D ×××××
17%Roberts, Sarah  (term)D ×××××
17%Rutledge, David E.  (term)D ×××××
17%Santana, Harvey  (term)D ×××××
17%Schor, Andy  (term)D ×××××
17%Singh, Sam  (term)D ×××××
17%Smiley, Charles  (term)D ×××××
17%Talabi, Alberta Tinsley  (term)D ×××××
17%Townsend, Jim  (term)D ×××××
17%Wittenberg, Robert  (term)D ×××××
17%Zemke, Adam  (term)D ×××××
0%Garrett, LaTanya  (term)D ××××××
0%Love, Leslie  (term)D ××××××

Legend:   Correct,  × Incorrect,  F Chamber failed to hold vote,  E Excused,  X Not Voting,  ? Ideal Vote not set,   No vote in this chamber


Column Descriptions

House Bill 4163: Remove some licensure restrictions on...
[Remove some licensure restrictions on residential lift installers] to permit a licensed residential home builder to install residential stairway lifts without being subjected to the much more rigorous licensure provisions that apply to elevator contractors. The residential contractor would have to carry $2 million in liability insurance and be certified by the manufacturer of the lifts, which are one-story stair-climbing machines for elderly or handicapped individuals. See also House Bill 4162
   • House Roll Call 28 on Feb. 10, 2015.
   • Senate Roll Call 169 on Mar. 12, 2015.

House Bill 4195: Limit some government “venture capital...
[Limit some government “venture capital investment” spending] to prohibit the state from pledging any more future tax revenue to guarantee investor returns under an "early stage venture capital investment" program authorized by a 2003 law. The bill would not affect several other government "venture capital" schemes however, including a "Venture Capital Development" program under the Granholm-era "21st Century Jobs Fund" rubric, a "Venture Match Fund," a "Venture Development Fund," an “Accelerator Fund,” past grants to a "Venture Capital Association" and more
   • House Roll Call 57 on Feb. 13, 2015.
   • Senate Roll Call 470 on Apr. 16, 2015.

House Bill 4328: Establish overspending public school “early...
[Establish overspending public school “early warning system”] to give the Department Treasury the authority to withhold state school aid payments from an overspending school district that fails to submit an acceptable “deficit elimination plan” as required by law, or which falls more deeply into financial trouble and must operate under an “enhanced” deficit plan. This is part of a package comprised of House Bills 4325 to 4330 intended to create an “early warning system” for school district with financial problems
   • House Roll Call 80 on Mar. 10, 2015.
   • Senate Roll Call 335 on Apr. 28, 2015.

House Bill 4364: Increase plumbers license fees
to extend for another four years “temporary” increases in plumbers' license fees. This and several related fee increases were proposed by Gov. Rick Snyder as part of his annual budget recommendation
   • House Roll Call 85 on Mar. 19, 2015.
   • Senate Roll Call 226 on Apr. 30, 2015.

House Bill 4052: Preempt local employer wage, benefit or labor...
[Preempt local employer wage, benefit or labor law mandates] to preempt local governments, public schools, state colleges and universities, and other governmental authorities from imposing mandatory wage, benefit, leave time, apprenticeship and other requirements on employers which exceed those required by state or federal law. The vote occurred after the House removed a provision making the bill retroactive and described as a "catch-all" provision restricting any local regulation on "the relationship" between employers and employees rather than just specified mandates
   • House Roll Call 249 on Jun. 11, 2015.
   • Senate Roll Call 297 on Jun. 17, 2015.

House Bill 4041: Ban welfare for persistent truancy
to withhold welfare benefits from a household with children who are persistently truant from school. A truant child age 16 and above could be removed from the household
   • House Roll Call 50 on Jan. 21, 2015.
   • Senate Roll Call 222 on Apr. 14, 2015.


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DISCLAIMER: This report was prepared by a user of the test.michiganvotes.org site. The test.michiganvotes.org site is not responsible for the scores, nor the preferred vote.